Director: Ben Kumanovski

Cinematographer: Ben Kumanovski

Producer: Patrick Rohr

Writers: Storm Ashwood & Ben Kumanovski

Executive Producer: Diane Manns

Client: SSFS

Year of production: 2017

Duration: 27 minutes

On the surface everything appears enviable about Kate's life; a beautiful son (Jake), a loving husband (Bill), good friends and a comfortable home in the suburbs. As we start to lift the edges though we see that Kate's life is spiralling out of control at the hands of Bill's intimidation and abuse. With the help of her friend Sally and a chance encounter with a stranger also enduring a similar domestic situation (May), Kate realises she has to escape her domestic Hell for the sake of her and Jake's safety.

Escape was awarded the title of "semi-finalist" at the 2018 Sydney Indie Film Festival.

This project was commissioned by Sutherland Shire Family Services and the Australian Government Department of Social Services.